Town Square Dental : A Marketable Wordpress Website Design by Adit

Town Square Dental has been in business for over 20 years, but has been in practice by Dr. Nguyen for over 7 years. He specializes in family dentistry, with a focus in specific high-end cosmetic procedures and wanted a website that showcased the true spirit of Town Square Dental.


Goal: To create a warm and welcoming website that is marketable for the target audience and create a sales funnel for appointment booking online.

Strategy: Create a high quality, brand-heavy website that has the potential to bring in user traffic through appealing display imagery and to lay out the competitive advantages of the clinic to generate conversions by using online patient booking forms on the site.


Not wanting a typical logo, Town Square Dental became a fun, colorful, and town-inspired icon relatable to adults and children alike. Catering to both, the colors, shapes, and typefaces were incorporated throughout the site. Standing out from its competitors, we made Town Square’s site reflect the time and care they put into their patients. With information about their services, blogs for you to learn, and the ability to book your appointment online, users will feel more at ease interacting with this website.

Town Square Dental