29 May 2017

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

It is evident that the world of technology, social media, and digital marketing is impacting our behavior socially such as how we behave as a consumer or how we do business. It would be fair to say that any business that doesn’t realize the importance of adapting to the changing times will be in grave danger of losing out.

The buzz around digital marketing has never been more pronounced as it is nowadays. But is it more effective compared to traditional marketing? Let’s shed some light on the factors that differentiate digital marketing from traditional marketing.

Opportunity to Compete on a Level Playing Field

Even if you are a small business, a solid digital marketing strategy can do wonders for you. Traditionally a small business would struggle to match the skill of a large competitor. But with online marketing strategies, even a small business is the king; online, the services are clear and a business can provide an enhanced customer experience.

Cost Reduction

When you analyze traditional vs. an online marketing strategy, you’ll see that with a small cost you can replace expensive traditional advertising channels such as radio, magazine, television and Yellow pages with more affordable online marketing methods, such as PPC ads.

Measurable Results

Unlike traditional methods, with digital marketing, you can closely analyze what is working and what isn’t based on real time-results. For instance, you can use Google Analytics to measure traffic that goes from your ads, to your website.

Refined Strategy and Real-Time Results

Unlike traditional marketing, you can view and analyze the results of your marketing campaigns and calculate the number of visitors on your site. With a click of a button, you can find out peak traffic times; evaluate any changes in the number of subscribers, and more!

Basically, any information you have of your customer’s journey with you can be improved and used for greater success. This will enable you to redefine your marketing strategy in the long run.

Brand Development and Higher Engagement Level

Needless to say, a well-maintained website with high-quality content offering solutions to customers will offer more opportunity for lead generation, personalized email marketing, and exposure to your brand through social media channels. In addition, with digital marketing, you could witness a rise in prospective leads, and the consumer’s engagement level with you.

In the end, it’s all about maintaining a fine balance between traditional marketing vs. digital marketing. While digital marketing is a great way to take your business to the next level, it’s also good to have some aspects of traditional marketing involved, such as flyers or brochures for small events, trade shows, or to advertise any promotions your business may be having.

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