5 November 2015

What is the Cost of SEO in Houston?

What is the Cost of SEO in Houston?

SEO Will Help Your Business Grow

Search engine optimization is a feature of the digital world that consistently remains effective strategy on an ever-changing virtual landscape. SEO helps give companies the top positions on search engines because their page content and the business itself is registered as relevant to what people are searching for. The more impressions and clicks you get, the higher rank you receive on search engine sites like Google and Yahoo. By targeting keywords with high search volume and optimizing your websites tags and descriptions, you are able to increase your click through rate and in turn ranks you higher up on the search engine. With relevance, comes increased and qualified traffic to your website; ideal consumers.

SEO’s Relation to Analytics and ROI

SEO also allows your agents to track all aspects of marketing strategy, such as ranking increases, website traffic and the amount of conversions you are accumulating. The analytics behind SEO can help you see how you are or aren’t converting on a lower level; the demographic that visits your site, the amount of time they spend on a particular page or your site in general, the pages they land on, how they complete a sale and so on. All these aspects affect how much ROI you generate. This in turn will help you develop better strategies or determine where you went wrong and what you can do to make it better!

SEO is Cost-effective and Helps Users Navigate

Not only is search engine optimization able to make your website easier to navigate through for search engines, but it allows users to get through your site easily too! It allows your website’s structure to be more organized and for users to find information on your site in a more structured and user friendly manner. SEO is cost effective as far as marketing strategies go, it is directly links you to the users who are actively looking for your product or service. This not only saves money, but also time put into other methods such as cold-calling, which forces you to actively seek out potential clients and convince them of your business’s value. Through online marketing and the use of SEO, you are helping people who need your service, directly find you.

SEO Packages and Pricing

After weighing the benefits of implementing SEO to your marketing campaign, pricing and packages must be considered in order to move forward. You may pay an SEO consultant per hour, per month, or per project. The most popular way to affirm SEO payment is on a monthly basis with an hourly charge. Most prosperous SEO campaigns take about six months to reap in benefits. The most common monthly payment range up to $2,500. At Adit, our search engine optimization package is much more affordable. Most seo companies will guarantee you the best rankings on Google, but lack a thorough and effective process that will last the test of the digital times. Adit gets you quality leads that will generate conversions rather than just clicks to your website. Without an intuitive sales process, your website will not reach the optimum sales potential it has!

The Adit Way: SEO Process

At our affordable rate, we understand your industry. We learn exactly what it is you are selling and research your market and the competition you are up against. Thereafter, we analyze past data and determine what your best selling points are, what your weaknesses are and how we can make your website better in terms of appeal and navigation. We produce original content that is not only SEO efficient, but describes all aspects of your business in the most attractive and articulate way possible. If you don’t get the results you need within six months, you get your money back! That is the Adit way, that is our guarantee.