3 Smart Dental Practice Investments

Depending on your region and square footage, dental practice startup costs range from $350,000-$500,000+. With this large investment, it’s tempting to want to find ways to cut costs when opening your practice. Here are 3 areas you don’t want to skimp on:

Your dental team is the backbone of your business. Beyond offering competitive benefits and salaries, investing in training, development and resources for your staff can directly impact your bottom line and reputation.


In a highly competitive industry, it’s imperative to make it effortless for patients to interact with your practice. Offering online scheduling, automated check-in and easy payment processes is more than just nice to have, it’s now a standard practice.

Patient Experience

Outside dental equipment, hardware and waiting room amenities, your dental practice management software choice can mean the difference between having an office that operates harmoniously, or costs you more money than you earn.

Office Systems

Using an all-in-one dental office system, like Adit, is a smart way to ensure your team has the state-of-the-art software they need to serve your patients well and ensure an overall positive patient experience.

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