5 Ways To Engage Patients with Texting

Text messages have a 99% open rate, can you say the same for your dental office’s call rates? Rather than playing phone tag with patients, here are 5 way to incorporated text messaging in your patient engagement strategy:

No shows can cost the average clinic up to $1 million a year in lost revenue. Text messages have a 90 second response time as opposed to email-which can be up to 90 minutes.


In the business of a visit, patients often forget or misunderstand their post treatment care plan. This costs the industry $300 Billion a year in readmittance. Texting patients and caregivers follow up care instructions is becoming industry standard.

Follow Up Care

Getting patients to give post appointment feedback is a lot like, well, pulling teeth. Texting can boost your chances of getting feedback and reviews by up to 45%.

Reviews & Feedback

From sending lab results and routine cleaning reminders, to notifying your waiting list of a schedule opening, texting saves your team from hours of getting acquainted with your patients’ voicemail greetings.

Updates & Recall

95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. This means text to pay can potentially reduce your collections cycle from weeks to days and make a significant impact on your practice’s bottom line.

Bill Payment

Texting is 10x quicker than a phone call and doesn’t tie up your office landlines. Plus, many texting software services, like Adit, offer automated customized messaging so your patients still get a personal touch.

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