How Dentists Can Avoid Decision Fatigue

It’s 5pm on a Friday and after a long week of procedures, callouts, schedule complications, and wondering if you’ll ever eat lunch again, you lock the doors to your dental practice and secretly hope that there won’t be any 2am emergency calls over the weekend.

If you’re a dentist that also owns your own practice, you’re probably making around 70 decisions pertaining to your business every day. 54.9% of dentists report experiencing high job stress and 48.6% of that stress comes from worrying about hard decisions.

So, what are the other 45% of practice owners doing to avoid stresses caused by constant decision-making? Many of them use dental practice analytics software and rely on data and clear metrics to handle the heavy lifting. 

Good data leads to better, more confident decision-making. However, most dentists don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of reports from multiple sources to find the information they need to make informed decisions.

You could hire a full-time data analytics professional to manually collect, manage and analyze your office’s data. Or you could implement analytics software that integrates with your PMS, delivers insights on demand, and gives recommendations for a fraction of the cost.

Implementing an analytics system can improve every aspect of your clinical and administrative operations, including:
 - Patient experience
 - Brand reputation
 - Digital marketing
 - Productivity
 - Profitability
 - Treatment compliance and more!

Adit gives dentists analytics tools to make data-driven decisions and the support system they need to improve daily life in their practice. Check out our latest guide: Making Data-Backed Decisions and learn more about the metrics and KPIs that influence better decision making.

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