Make Your Dental Chair A Hot Seat

Some dental clinics are seeing declines in patient numbers - for a list of reasons that rivals the Naughty/Nice scroll. However, there are cost-effective ways to fix operational issues, like no-shows, and overcome these frigid times.

Jack Frost Nipping At Your Dental Chair?

87% of patients would leave their current provider for convenience factors alone. If your schedule has too many gaps, take a closer look at how many hurdles you expect your patients to scale before they get to your chair.

The Cold Hard Truth About Patient Loyalty

Each no-show can cost your business up to 60 minutes of valuable production time and revenue. 80% of the time, the reason your patient misses their appointment is because they simply forgot.

No-Shows Burn Your Bottom Line

While some offices resort to no-show fees, this practice does not send a positive message to your patients. A more proactive approach would be to use an automated messaging system that texts your patients frequent reminders and requests confirmations.

To Fee or Not To Fee?

Your clinic’s secret weapon is your patient database. Creating a patient reactivation campaign can be the key to closing those schedule gaps and warming up your dental chair. Here’s a step by step guide on how to reactivate your patients:

Give Dormant Patients A Gentle Nudge

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