To Fee Or Not To Fee

No-Shows Are Expensive

If your dental practice has one no-show per day, you may be losing up to $70k/year in lost productivity. Many dental offices consider charging no-show or cancellation fees because of this common issue. However, there may be a better option…

Benefits of Fees

Recover a portion of your lost income
Strengthens the importance of the services you provide and the time you invest
Motivates patients to communicate any changes in their schedule in a timely manner

Drawbacks of Fees

Fees may discourage patients from returning
Fees may create tension between staff and patients
Fees lengthen the time to collect payments
Some insurance plans may not cover missed appointment fees
 Fees do not address the underlying reasons behind patient no-shows

Automated Reminders Reduce No-Shows

While voicemails and callback requests are easy to overlook, automated reminders sent via SMS and email can help your team connect with patients more efficiently. Click the link below for more tips on reducing no-shows.

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