Appointment Reminders

Reduce No-Shows & Boost Attendance with Dental Appointment Reminder Software

Appointment Reminders

Remind Patients About Upcoming Appointments and Limit No-Shows!

Automated text and email reminders help you to minimize patient no-shows. Studies show, the number one reason why patients no-show is because they forget about the appointment. Additionally, one single no-show a day can cost your practice anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 per provider in annual revenue. Appointment Reminders can minimize no-shows and help your practice grow.

Remind Patients About Upcoming Appointments And Limit No-Shows

Engage Integrates With Your Practice Management Software

Engage integrates with most Practice Management Software. These include but are not limited to Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft.

Text, Email, and Phone
Appointment Reminders

Now, you can leverage automated text and emails to go out to patients based on upcoming appointments. Here is how it works:

1. Text Message Appointment Reminders Send text messages to patients with name, date, and customized messaging to notify about upcoming appointments.

2. Phone Call Appointment Reminders Your staff can call a patient, confirm an appointment, and easily send out that confirmation via email or SMS.

3. Email Appointment Reminders Send emails to patients with name, date, customized messaging, images, office information, social media, and referral links to notify about an upcoming appointment.

Furthermore, patients can easily confirm, cancel, or reschedule an appointment via an easy text message. This will allow your practice to maximize your schedule.

Text, Email, And Phone Appointment Reminders

Customize & Automate
Appointment Reminders

Automate the process of sending appointment reminders based on

  • Number of Days before an Appointment
  • Number of Hours before an Appointment

You can now customize your reminders in many ways including

  • Customizing the messaging
  • Sending reminders based on appointment types and treatment plans
  • Specifying reminders based on doctors and locations
Customize & Automate Appointment Reminders

Limit No-Shows with
Automated Confirmations

Tired of patients scheduling visits and never showing up? Is your front desk too busy to call and confirm each and every patient? Adit's platform auto-confirms all upcoming appointments within your Practice Management System by texting your patients for you!

Make Your Patients Feel Like Family

Send pre-scheduled birthday and greeting messages based on specific dates and events. Customize the messaging for your practice to add a personalized touch to your patient experience.

Limit No-Shows With Automated Confirmations

HIPAA Compliance

With the HIPAA consent tool, you can text a patient asking them to reply “consent” to receive personal health information (PHI). Their account is then labeled as HIPAA consented, so you can exchange PHI in the future without worry.

Hipaa Compliance icon
HIPAA Compliance
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