What Dental Office Managers Want
In 2023

As a 20-year seasoned dental office manager, Debbi thought she had seen it all. Then a global pandemic hit, followed by staffing shortages and fluctuating patient numbers and before she knew it, Debbi was so burnt out that she barely recognized herself.

She always thought that daily office struggles like running behind schedule, manually updating patient records, and being constantly on the phone with patients, vendors, and insurance companies were just part of the job.

But being under-staffed and chronically busy started taking its toll on Debbi and her team and soon, patients started complaining about the long waiting room and call holding times and lack of conveniences like digital forms and flexible payment options.

Debbi knew things needed to change but didn’t know where to start. So she vented on a dental office manager's online group chat about her struggles and asked for advice. Several of her colleagues recommended she switch to using an all-in-one dental office management software.

Skeptical, but desperate to find a solution, Debbi researched these so-called “all-in-one systems” and on paper, they appeared to have what she wanted. But every time she dug deeper, these systems were overpriced and came up short on features and customer service.

Then Debbi found Adit, the only cloud-based system out there that integrated with her EHR and offered all the features she wanted like online scheduling, digital forms, automated texting and reminders, flexible payment options, VoIP, analytics, and more in one place.

After convincing her doctor to appear for an Adit demo, they were both floored by how affordable it was and how much support they'd get through onboarding and beyond. After switching to Adit, Debbi saved the practice over $12,000/year and her short-staffed team around
15 hours/week.

But most importantly, Debbi was less burnt out and had more time to focus on the big picture, grow the business, and enjoy her job again, which is, ultimately, what most dental office managers want in 2023 and beyond.

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