Why Dentists Are Losing 38% Of Patients

Meet Pearl White, a busy lawyer who recently relocated to Crown City. Pearl’s new firm scheduled a headshot photoshoot for her in a week. She wants to put her best smile forward, so she turns to Google to find a local dentist that offers teeth whitening services.

Pearl didn’t have time during the week to search for a dentist near her new neighborhood and, like 38% of dental patients, waited until Sunday afternoon to book an appointment.

ABC Dentistry is the first dental clinic to appear in her Google search. However, when she visits their website, there is no option to book online, and the clinic is closed on Sundays, so there’s no hope of getting her appointment booked now. Pearl has a choice to make.

She can wait until the practice opens on Monday, email a request, or search for another clinic that will allow her to select a date and time that works best for her. Pearl chooses to continue her search and soon discovers Dr. Miley Smiley Dental.

Dr. Smiley’s website has the option to book online and even has a promotional offer for discounted teeth whitening services. Pearl books her appointment in less than 30 seconds, and her search ends.

A high Google ranking does not always guarantee more bookings. If your dental practice’s website only allows patients to call or email to book an appointment, you’re potentially missing lucrative opportunities. 

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