Top 5
Dental Patient
Pet Peeves

Identifying and addressing what grinds your patients' gears can set your dental practice apart from your competition and cultivate a stellar reputation for your brand, and your name. Here are the top 5 patient pet peeves to help you get started:

Long Wait Times

Since many dental offices are only open during the week, patients often need to request time off of work for their appointments. Spending most of that time in a waiting room is frustrating and is the main reason most patients will search elsewhere for treatments.

Overwhelmed Staff

Seeing a dentist is already nerve-wracking for many patients, but when your staff is busy on the phone or manually entering data into your EHR while patients are present, they have less time to help your patients feel more at ease.

How Can Your Practice Deliver A 5-Star Patient Experience?

Implement an all-in-one dental practice management software. Not only will all your communications, operations, and analytics live in one place, but your patients (and staff) will thank you for it!

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