8 July 2018

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

Everybody knows that social media is an effective tool for leading visitors to your website. But do you know exactly how to weed through all that social media has to offer, to successfully increase site traffic?

5 Effective Ways to Boost Web Traffic

Here is an effective mix of five tactics that can drive more visitors to your social media channels:

  • Be Sure Your Website’s URL Is Highly Visible: Most social networks have designated areas where you can share your website URL. Make sure your URL or website address is clearly visible in your “About” section and profile bio. This will not only cement your legitimacy, but it will also direct the viewer to your site.

  • Share Your Posts: Share every blog post or article on your social media channels. Today’s successful businesses share what’s going on with their company multiple times, across several channels throughout the year. They don’t just share one time on Twitter and call it a day. LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook are all useful tools. In addition, remember to track the results of your posts. This practice will allow you to determine which items performed best, where traffic is originating, and how it responds.

  • Refer Others to Your Website: If you put a little thought and effort into it, you can be sending people to your website all day long.
    • Whenever people inquire about your business, direct them to your website.
    • If they ask about your hours of operation, send them to your contact page.
    • If someone wants to know if you offer a certain item, share the product page link.
    • For someone seeking directions to your location, tell them there is a Google map on your website.
    • Any problems in need of resolution can be directed to your support page.
  • Include a Call to Action: Advise social media visitors on what they should do next. Provide a specific call to action (CTA). Commonly used CTAs include, “Share This,” “Visit Now,” or “Add Comment Below.” Some social media platforms have different buttons for CTAs, while others allow you to insert CTAs in your posts.

  • Optimize Your Social Profiles: You should give your social profiles just as much attention as you do your website SEO. Make sure your bios and “About” pages include lots of relevant keywords and phrases. Try to fill each section, so your profile is not lacking.

You can also boost the SEO on your site by placing targeted links in social biographies. Linking from your website to your social media networks will create high-quality backlinks. This is a very important part of social profile optimization.

Social media is great for boosting brand recognition, and to increase web traffic. Try just one of the above tips to get you started on your way to welcoming new viewers to your site.