COVID-19 Relief Program

COVID-19 has had a financial impact on everyone. Adit is here to offer relief. Choose between a single technology module free of charge or access to the entire Adit platform starting at $99 per month.

No Contracts ● No Set Up Charges ● Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Introducing the Ultimate All-In-One Practice Growth Platform

A practice growth platform that maximizes your patient's experience, streamlines your front-desk, leverages the most robust marketing strategies, and quantifies everything.

Online Scheduling

Finally, a scheduling app that allows new and current patients to book appointments directly into your Practice Management Software. Use Adit’s Online Scheduling on your website, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more!

Patient Forms

Patient Forms enables your practice to modernize the patient experience. Patients can conveniently fill out their forms online before their appointment.

Appointment Reminders

Limit no-shows and increase your recall percentages with Appointment Reminders! You can streamline your practice with automated birthday reminders, appointment reminders, and more!

Patient Recall

You spend a lot of time and money to acquire new patients. Improve your retention with automated Recall Reminders. Engage streamlines your practice so that your front desk spends less time calling!

Pozative Reviews

Online reputation is everything. Pozative gives you the power to generate positive reviews online faster so that you can grow your practice and rank higher on search engines.

Call Tracking (with AI)

Call Tracking quantifies patient acquisition. You spend time and money advertising your practice, but do you know which marketing campaigns are driving inbound phone calls?

Advanced Reporting

The most valuable commodity today is Data. Good data can give you the insights to grow your practice, whereas others will remain confused as to what is not working. We’ve introduced a reporting software that empowers you to make those decisions.

Patient Texting

Improve your patient’s experience and limit no-shows with HIPAA compliant 2-way texting. Text your patients directly from within our platform!


As the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds, our commitment to empowering our healthcare providers has never been more important. Now, you can engage and care for your patients via video conferencing.

The Only Marketing Program Where
You Book Patients First And Pay Later

What Our Physicians Have To Say

Dr. Scott Cold

My experience with Adit has been positive from Day 1 and they have ensured that my website and SEO are top-notch. But, the thing that I like the most is how they have been able to provide me an additional service that helps me capture any calls missed from patients; thus increasing my patient capture by 30%.

Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera

Adit did an excellent job re-designing and branding my clinic’s website. They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable with the process of marketing my practice online.

Dr. Joshua Gascoyne

Working with Adit has been great, they are very efficient and quick and are always available to answer any questions we have. I would definitely recommend Adit to other physicians!

Dr. Farrah Sunderji

Great company and great work! Would highly recommend them as they have helped our business grow. Enjoy working with all the staff and their advice on business marketing. Thank you for everything!

Dr. Sahra Kanji

The team at Adit has allowed my businesses to grow with bringing in more patients through SEO and SEM. I would highly recommend their services.

Dr. Adam DiVincenzo

Adit goes an extra mile with the design and development of the website, ensuring that it is visually attractive and the application Pozative helps us get new patients because it takes up the Google reviews and places it right in the center of the website.

Dr. Radhika Shah

The team at Adit is like your own team. The best thing about them is that they stand by their guarantee and they’ve helped us grow with their digital marketing strategies. We recommend Adit to any dentist or doctor looking for a good digital marketing company.

Dr. Isela Cantuarias

My experience with Adit has been commendable and I’d always recommend them for how they were able to increase  the patient walk-in at my dentistry. When I compare the statistics from the previous year’s marketing company I see a lot of difference and that is why they’ll always be someone I will depend on!

Dr. Susan Krause

The experience with Adit and the website has been Awesome! They are very quick to answer any questions that we have and help us develop new ideas. Adit helps us reach our goal for reaching new patients by providing quality information on our website. I would definitely recommend Adit to other practices because the experience that we have had has just been fantastic.

Dr. Scott Cold
Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera
Dr. Joshua Gascoyne
Dr. Farrah Sunderji
Dr. Sahra Kanji
Dr. Adam DiVincenzo
Dr. Radhika Shah
Dr. Isela Cantuarias
Dr. Susan Krause
Dr. Geeson Starts Her First Dental Office With Adit and Now Has Expanded to 3 Locations
Dentist in Houston Sees 10 to 12 Cases of Dental Implants Per Month From Online Advertising.
ER in Houston Generates Over $350k Per Month From Digital Marketing.
Optometry Clinic in Calgary Generates More Than 100 Patients a Month From Online Marketing.

numbers don’t lie


Over 25K Patients Booked Last Quarter


We Drive More Than 25 Million In Measurable Revenue Per Month


More Than 750 Practices Choose Adit


Pozative has generated more than 50K 5-star reviews!

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