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how we booked more than
25,000 patients this year

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some of our websites

Mac Screen
  • Premium Websites that focus on what makes your practice better
  • Optimized to score high on search engines
  • Engineered to engage patients and book appointments
  • Programmed to fit all devices
  • Go live in less than 2 weeks

patent-pending AI tracks your phone calls and shows patients booked

Patient Book Track Call
  • Artificial Intelligence that tracks your conversation and scores the call as a conversion if the patient books an appointment.
  • At the end of the month, you get a list of patients who book an appointment, by name.
  • You can coordinate the patient list with actual patients in your database.
  • If we don’t book the specified amount of patients, you get your money back.

pozative: an app we built that generates reviews for you via text

check out pozative at:
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numbers don’t lie


is the average amount of NEW patients we book you per month


privately owned dental offices choose Adit


patients booked this year


5-Star reviews generated through our app, Pozative

what other physicians are saying

Dr. Sahra Kanji
Dr. Abdulla Kudrath
Dr. Farrah Sunderji
Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera
Dr  Huy Phan Nguyen

Dr. Sahra Kanji

The team at Adit has allowed my businesses to grow with bringing in more patients through SEO and SEM. I would highly recommend their services.

Dr. Abdulla Kudrath

I run a large medical facility and I’ve been very pleased with my experience working with Adit. They have done an excellent job at designing my website, managing my social media, and online advertising. They utilize advanced techniques and evolve with the market and trends.

Dr. Farrah Sunderji

Great company and great work! Would highly recommend them as they have helped our business grow. Enjoy working with all the staff and their advice on business marketing. Thank you for everything!

Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera

Adit did an excellent job re-designing and branding my clinic’s website. They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable with the process of marketing my practice online.

Dr Huy Phan Nguyen

My website is optimized for mobile which is most important to me. Their digital marketing works and has helped me grow my business.

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