Call Tracking

Book More Appointments with Dental Call Tracking Software

Call Tracking Quantifies Patient Acquisition

Know What Makes
The Phone Ring

Adit's Call Tracking software can help measure phone call conversions from your online and offline marketing campaigns. With Call Tracking, you are able to see exactly which calls are coming from each of your marketing mediums. For example, you can see which calls come from a Google Ad versus a patient who was already looking for you online.

Know What Makes The Phone Ring

Enable Call Tracking &
Record Phone Calls

Set up phone numbers in less than 2 minutes and enable call recording. You can view all of the incoming calls from your dashboard and get a bird's eye view on all your phone conversations.

Enable Call Tracking & Record Phone Calls

Dynamic Number Placement

Show phone numbers on your website based on how patients find you. You can choose to show different numbers to patients based on if they find you via paid ads, organic search, Facebook ads, Yelp, and more!

Dynamic Number Placement

Conversation Intelligence Tracks
Your Calls and Shows Which Convert

Artificial Intelligence listens to all incoming calls and scores those calls which convert. Conversions are measured based on if the patient books an appointment date and time.

AI also filters out those calls from

  • Current Patients
  • Telemarketers
  • Job Applicants
Conversation Intelligence Tracks Your Calls And Shows Which Convert

Train Your Front Desk

Use Call Tracking to see how your front desk performs with answering phone calls. Is your front desk missing too many calls? Diagnosing patients rather than booking them? Giving out pricing without permission?

On average, 88% of incoming lead calls are mishandled by the front desk. Use Adit's call tracking software to find these mishaps and address them.

Train Your Front Desk
Quantify Which Campaigns Drive Results

Quantify Which Campaigns Drive Results

Combining Dynamic Number Placement and Artificial Intelligence allows you to see which campaigns are driving results and which aren't. You can directly see which patients come from which campaigns and quantify the ROI.