Advanced Reporting

Our Game Changing Reporting Software Gives You Insights Like No Other

The most valuable commodity today is Data. Good data can give you the insights to grow your practice whereas others will remain confused as to what is not working. Now, we're introducing a reporting software that empowers you to make those decisions.

Advanced Reporting

Track Exact ROI On
Marketing Spend

Because the Adit platform is able to track all incoming and outgoing communication as well as integrate your EHR, we are now able to bring it all together. Here's how it works:

1. Patient Revenue

The Adit platform pulls the amount of revenue generated from each patient from your EHR platform.

2. Patient Source

The Call Tracking and Online Scheduling platform then sources where each of those patients came from.

3. Marketing Expenditure

The Adit platform connects with your marketing platforms including Google Ads.

4. ROI Reporting

By tracking both the revenue from each patient and the cost to acquire each of these patients, we are now able to see your Return on Investment!

Track Exact ROI On Marketing Spend
See Inefficiencies In Your Marketing

See Inefficiencies In Your Marketing

By seeing what you are spending on each marketing medium and seeing the patients that are being acquired from each of these mediums, you are able to eliminate or optimize those mediums that are not working and focus more on those that are!

Manage Your Front Desk

See how your front desk is doing on a call to conversion ratio. At what percentage of incoming calls is your front desk converting into patients? This kind of information you can expect to see in our Advanced Reporting app.

Manage Your Front Desk Performance

Stop Looking At Data That
Doesn't Matter

Website visitors, clicks, impressions, likes, and metrics like these should not be your basis on what is working and what isn't. You should be looking at revenue generated versus marketing expenditure. That's the bottom line! With Adit, focus on the numbers that really matter.

Stop Looking At Data That Doesn't Matter
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