Adit Voice

A Fully Integrated & Intelligent VoIP Platform

An intelligent VoIP platform that integrates your EHR, centralizes communication, provides staff coaching opportunities, and organizes timely lead follow-up.

Centralize Communication
with Adit Voice

Now, you can manage all of your calls and text messages directly within Adit. Using Adit Voice enables your staff to be more efficient and effective when communicating with patients while allowing you to centralize all of your reporting and data.

Know More When A Patient Calls In

With the EHR integration, Adit shows you on your computer immediately who is calling on the line.
If it's a patient, you can see details related to their:

  • Next Appointment
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Birthdate
  • Family details and more!

Route Calls Intelligently
With Call Flows

Want to route calls based on the time of the day, call source, or ring count? Use Adit call flows to route your calls based on what works better for your practice!

What Happens To Those Qualified Inbound Leads Who Do Not Book An Appointment?

On average, a practice converts 22% of inbound appointment inquiries. That means 78% of inbound inquiries do not book an appointment! This can be because of patient hesitation, scheduling conflicts, insurance concerns, etc.

Does your staff follow up with any of these potential patients? Do you even know why these calls are not converting into patients? Sure, you see the patients come in, but how many patients are you losing on the phone? Find the answers to these questions with Adit Voice!

Not Just VoIP,
But An Intelligent
Voice & CRM Platform

Adit records all inbound and outbound calls. AI-technology qualifies these calls and provides you with a dashboard where you can see how many qualified leads were received in a timeframe.

See exactly which unconverted yet qualified leads were called back and which ones were not!

Determine the value of these calls and prioritize those follow-ups which are related to higher-end procedures.

Cross-Module Integration Hacks

  • Try out these cross-module integration hacks to optimize your workflows and processes!

  • Use one phone number for texting, reminders, and voice with Engage Integration!

  • Integrate with Call Tracking to track exactly which marketing mediums are driving inbound calls

  • Integrate with Adit's Notify Desktop App to see the Caller ID of the inbound caller immediately when the phone rings!

Cross-Module Integration Hacks
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