Almeda Dental is a dental practice in South Houston, TX that caters to dental patients seeking general appointments and surgical procedures.


Goal: Dr. Thu Nguyen, Almeda Dental’s owner and doctor, wanted as many patients as possible in her chair, as a recently opened practice. Dr. Nguyen opened Almeda Dental, but thanks to Adit, she was able to see rapid patient growth in a short amount of time!

SEO: We have focused heavily on ranking Almeda Dental for keywords that are most relevant to South Houston. We narrowed our focus to identify some very localized areas near the practice (Edgebrook, Southbelt, Almeda, etc.) which helped us to gain further traction and visibility for users performing local searches.

Results: The initial goal was 10-15 new patients, but we were able to exceed that goal in the first month, booking Dr. Nguyen 41 new patients!


Dr. Nguyen wanted her practice to have a very clean and modern look, beginning with the logo. The logo has a very polished look and is used online as well as on the brick and mortar. This congruency was something important to Dr. Nguyen, as it creates a strong branded presence. Instead of a simple dark blue colored background, the website theme uses a textured background throughout. This small difference adds a lot of flare to the overall design.

Almeda Dental
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