Centennial Wellness


Goal: To increase the online presence of Centennial Wellness. The clinic was well-known in the community, but they wanted their web presence to bring in as many new patients as their word-of-mouth referrals.

SEO: Centennial Wellness already had strong rankings for their brand name, so we have worked hard to target searches for individual services the clinic offers. This helps promote a direct funnel of more conversions that are users directly interested in a service being offered at the clinic.

Results: We are now on the first page for many of the keywords for specific services offered by Centennial Wellness! Before Adit, the clinic had no way of tracking online patients, and now they are able to track 30-40 online patients monthly!


Centennial Wellness is a part of the prestigious Centennial Clinic, in the heart of downtown Calgary. Their logo, website design, and colors all strongly align with the Centennial brand. The logo, designed by Adit, is actually used for multiple businesses under the Centennial Clinic brand and has become a well-known symbol in Calgary. We worked closely with this client in order to make sure the website was branded appropriately while still being well-optimized to perform well for SEO.


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Centralize Communications

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