Dr. Geeson came to Adit while she was in the beginning stages of building her practice. She wanted us to create a brand identity for her new practice and have it consistent with being on the coast. Their office is located in a part of Leland that can only be reached via a very well-known bridge. We incorporated the bridge and coastal feeling to her logo. We also continued this theme throughout her website. Her practice looks gorgeous, and we wanted the website to be as consistent with her practice as possible.


Strategy: While her practice and website looked amazing, it wasn’t enough to book patients! It was our goal to rank top 3 in keywords for “dentist Leland NC.” We also needed to compete with some DSO’s in the area, so we brought to focus the $99 New Patient Exam.

Results: We set up effective SEO campaigns on both Google and Bing for Dr. Geeson. Today, we rank 1 and 2 for “dentist Leland NC,” and we acquire patients on ads lower than $50! Dr. Geeson comes close to booking almost 100+ patients per month from her website alone!

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