Goal: To book more patients and establish Eyedeology as the leader in Dry Eye Care in Calgary and create a comprehensive and high-converting website.

SEO: We were able to rank them on the first page of Google for “Optometrist Calgary” amongst other keywords. This is because of our aggressive off-page optimization, keyword-rich blogging strategy, and keyword optimization on their website. Because we were able to rank Eyedeology for these relevant keywords, the cost per click has become a lot cheaper.

Paid Ads:We ran highly targeted ad campaigns to potential patients searching for a variety of eye care treatments and booked patients at a very low cost per acquisition. We leveraged the doctor’s experience in dry eye treatment amongst other things in her ad copy which gave her an edge in her campaigns.

Results: Went from booking no patients online to booking 50+ patients a month and established her as the go-to optometrist for dry eye care in Calgary.

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