Patient Recall

Retain Your Patients with Adit's Free Dental Recall System

Patient Recall

Increase Patient Retention with Automated Recall Reminders

Patient retention is critical to any practice's growth. Keeping this in mind, Patient Recall was built to help your practice retain and grow! Keep your schedule full and your patients coming back for preventative and follow-up care.

Increase Patient Retention With Automated Recall Reminders

Automated Proactive Messaging

Leverage Patient Recall to send outgoing messages to patients before a patient is due for an appointment, as well as if they're overdue. Over 75% of patients prefer text messages over phone calls! Use these automated messages to save your practice in call-time by recalling the majority of your patients via messaging.

Customizable Messaging

We understand your practice is unique. That's why we created customizations to help you distinguish your practice's processes and culture. You can customize the content, design, frequency, and more for your patient recall reminders.

Simplified Scheduling

Streamline the scheduling process for patients by allowing them to easily schedule appointment. Patients can schedule an appointment by clicking a link or simply responding to the message!

Automated Proactive Messaging

HIPAA Compliance

With the HIPAA consent tool, you can text a patient asking them to reply “consent” to receive personal health information (PHI). Their account is then labeled as HIPAA consented, so you can exchange PHI in the future without worry.

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HIPAA Compliance
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