Streamline Workflows with this Front Desk Checklist for Dental Practices

For Booking Success

Welcome The Caller

  • Answer The Phone With A Smile.
  • Start With A Friendly And Professional Greeting.
  • Introduce Yourself And The Practice.
  • Write Down The Caller’s Name.

Remember: Repeat back the caller’s name throughout the conversation.

Welcome The Caller

Extend An Invitation

  • Ask for the appointment on every call!
  • Find out caller’s best availability.
  • Offer two times for an appointment.
  • Utilize the “whittle and shepherd” method to narrow down an appointment time.

Fact: Offering two specific times increases your odds of booking an appointment by more than 40%.

Extend An Invitation

Inquiry & Overcome

  • Ask the patient’s reason for calling.
  • Rather than quoting price:
    • Offer a free consultation.
    • Provide financing options like Care Credit or cash discounts, and help file claims with insurance.
    • Confidently explain the value of service
    • Guide toward the appointment.
Inquiry & Overcome

Collect Caller Information

  • Collect important information to contact the patient.
  • Ask the best way to reach him or her.
  • Confirm the appointment date and time.
Collect Caller Information

Set Expectations

  • Explain how long the appointment will take.
  • Remind him or her of what time to arrive.
  • Share which documents and materials are needed, as well as what paperwork they should expect.
Set Expectations
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