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H.U.G.E is an online magazine that caters to government employees by providing quality reading material and resources pertaining to different areas of their lives. It is aimed to improve and enhance the overall well-being of the typical government employee by helping them gain more knowledge about living a healthier lifestyle.


Goal: The goal was to build an easy-to-navigate and inviting website for users looking for resources about Government Employment and reading material on varying lifestyle aspects that are relevant to them or someone they know.
Strategy: Our first method of action was to create a strong SEO strategy that targeted keywords that would help them rank highly on Google. We coupled this with a Google AdWords campaign that would help shuffle relevant users to the site and boost site traffic as a result.


Health Under Government Employment is an online magazine site catered to presenting articles covering categories like, government news, nutrition, wellness, health, mind & soul, and more. With so much information, the site was made clean, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. The homepage sets the tone for organization with a featured article, top stories, latest news, categories, and more, sectioned off into separate box shapes. With predominantly white pages, the combination of its interesting photos and relatable articles is more enjoyable for a wider range of ages. Leave a comment or review, share an article, or subscribe and get their newsletter today!


Huge Magazine was an idea before they came to Adit. The owners of Huge wanted to create a print and online publication for government employees. They wanted to provide a resource where government employees can come to get information and articles pertaining to their industry. As a result, we built an online platform in WordPress that allowed the team at Huge to publish articles and easily organize their content the way they wanted. We created such a system that they could alter the format of their site using a simple back end drag and drop system. We also created a platform that indexed efficiently, so that their SEO back-end work would be minimized for all of the articles they post.

Huge Magazine