Kids U was based on a vision of introducing Calgary to a strong brain-development focused preschool. He was confident his curriculum offered significantly better learning material than most of Calgary’s daycare facilities. In 2011, he strove to build his first school and ran into a few obstacles; one concerning the fact that his tuition rates would be much higher than his competitors’. Being financially tight, a more efficient marketing program was his best shot at succeeding. He came to Adit looking for a firm that could perform as promised, one that would take payment in accordance to his own prosperity.


Goal: We needed to build an efficient marketing campaign that convinced parents that Kids U’s program was worth twice it’s competitors tuition rates.
Strategy: In order to encourage parents who had children that fell under Kids U’s target audience, we started off by creating a content-rich, educational website that outline Kids U’s program and explained to parents why early childhood education is so important.
– we ran an efficient online SEO, Adwords campaign that targeted parents looking for a quality preschool program
– we built a strong Facebook campaign that targeted working professionals who were expecting or had young children
Results: Today Kids U has 8 locations and counting opened, with 85% of enrollments coming in ONLINE. Two of their locations filled up within three months of opening. The remaining locations filled up before even opening! When we started, Kids U only had a vision and today it is a brand and an inspiration to the Calgary Early Childhood Education System.


Kids U has very strong elements of branding throughout its digital and print media. The design is crafted to appeal to parents and children alike. As a parent, conducting a lot of research before committing to a daycare or preschool facility is essential. Kids U is designed to direct users to get the answers they are looking for in an easy to navigate web design. Based off a Montessori method of education, Kids U’s style includes colorful pages and icons to demonstrate the creative learning that their program instills in children.

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