Let's Ride: Online Car Loan Application Built By Adit.Co

Let’s Ride is an online application that allows those with bad or not credit to gain access to a car loan and purchase a car of their choice. It is simple and easy to use, while also enabling users to purchase a car without even going to a dealership.


Goal: To build a unique application process and funnel users looking for this service to the site, so that they can gain access to car loans and cars they can purchase while still having poor credit scores.

Strategy: We created a functional website that is easy to navigate and has appealing graphics, thereafter, building an AdWords campaign that targets users looking for these niche services and funneling them into a sales process.


Need help getting approved for a vehicle? Maybe you’re unsure if a truck, car or SUV is right for you. Let’s Ride has a refreshing website and even easier application. The logo was created to show that getting approved or buying a car doesn’t have to be boring or scary. This site gives users the important information they need, presented in a sleek design. Not only did Let’s Ride want to incorporate 2 separate applications, they wanted to show users how their process works, help with financing, as well as a small inventory of vehicles for you to look through.

Lets Ride