8 April 2021

Leveraging Your Google Maps URL to Boost SEO Rankings

Leveraging Your Google Maps URL to Boost SEO Rankings

As a dentist operating in a business environment where convenience is non-negotiable, it makes sense to seek continuous process improvement for your patients' and practice's benefit. In particular, you must ensure that you're easy to find. After all, patients can only come to you if they know where to find you.

When it comes to optimizing your online visibility, there are many ways to go about it. Here at Adit, we're always looking for ways to add value to our clients' marketing efforts. For years, we've established ourselves as a preferred digital marketing partner for dental and healthcare clients, offering cutting-edge and innovative solutions that put you miles ahead of the pack.

Engage—Your Preferred Patient Texting Platform

One of our top-rated products is the patient texting platform known as Engage. Engage allows two-way communication between your dental practice and patients. This HIPAA-compliant texting tool comes in handy when you need to send important information regarding your patients' appointment details, among others. Engage minimizes missed calls and voicemails and closes the communication gap between you and your valued patients.

The great news is, now you can do more with Engage!

After months of focused testing, we have found that adding a location URL to your reminder SMS can significantly enhance your dental practice's online traction.

How the In-Text Location URL Works

Adit's patient texting platform, Engage, allows you to send personalized texts to patients, either in bulk or individually. You can send targeted messages to patients to relay important information regarding office closure, rescheduling, and post-appointment protocols.

Engage is built for convenience and integrates seamlessly with your patient management software, ensuring that the right information is delivered, on time, to the right hands. With Engage, you don't have to worry about time wasted on phone tag. You can easily reach your patients, and vice versa, at any time of the day.

Even better, you can leverage Engage to meet your search engine optimization goals by adding a location URL in your texts. When you send communication, the patient receives a text message that includes a tiny URL linked to your practice. The patient can then browse the route from their location to your dental practice, which boosts the direction requests on Google Maps and, ultimately, your visibility.

Boost Your SEO Rankings with Location URLs

Between January and February 2021, Adit's team tested this approach of adding location URL to texts with a leading dental practice in League City, TX. The primary objective was to understand how a dental practice benefits when someone requests direction directly from the targeted region in Google Maps. For this purpose, Adit's team created a location-wise page and embedded a route map from that specific location to the dental practice.

The results were as follows:

  • An increase in the number of requests in Google My Business (GMB)
  • A significant improvement in the ranking of the dentist and location keywords in local pack (when someone searches from that targeted location)
  • An improvement in organic ranking for the targeted keyword, i.e., "dentist" + "location."

Going by the outcome of this test, it's apparent that the targeted region's location signal is a crucial driver of enhanced visibility and favorable organic ranking. Google's ranking algorithms have been shown to rank a business farther away more favorably, provided more people are requesting the direction to that particular business.

So, what does this translate into for your dental practice? It means that your physical location need not be a hindrance to your online visibility, as long as you're putting in measures to connect and be found by your patients. The beauty of the online marketplace is that while it's rife with cutthroat competition, there are effective ways of navigating the same, as long as you're willing to put in the work.

Successful dental practices know that the best way to stand out in a sea of competitors is to put in place various tried and tested measures that work together to drive results. At Adit, we're committed to empowering you to meet your business targets. That includes positioning your practice in a way that enables you to find new patients and retain existing ones.

Would you like to learn more about Engage and how to use this platform to boost your SEO? Get in touch with Adit today for a comprehensive analysis.