Memorial Heights ER


When a person has an emergency, impulse says to look for the nearest hospital and go there. The process of finding this hospital or ER allowed stand-alone ER clinics like Memorial Heights ER to enter the marketing scene. Here’s what we did:

PPC: We first targeted all local searches in relation to The Heights (the area), emergency rooms (ERs), hospitals, etc. Our objective was to first learn what patients in the area are searching when they look for an ER. We then tracked which of these patients would actually convert to Memorial Heights ER. We tracked this by looking at how many of these people checked in on the website, called, and/or checked out the location.

SEO: Once we learned which keywords were converting best, we started an SEO campaign to rank Memorial Heights ER on these keywords.

FB Ads:The biggest problem the stand-alone ER industry has is that patients subconsciously look up a big hospital when they have an emergency without realizing that stand-alone ERs can provide more personalized-care, the same certified-physicians, and with no wait times! Our objective on Facebook was to educate the local communicty about Memorial Heights ER and the benefits of going to a stand-alone ER over a larger hospital.

Results: Memorial Heights ER books more than 60 patients from our online efforts! We scaled their budget from $250 a day to $5000 per day!


After Memorial Heights chose the logo from the samples we designed for them we made the website straightforward for potential patients to navigate quickly and easily, after all, they would be visiting for emergencies. We used flourishes from the logo as elements of design and now Memorial Heights as the nicest, up-to-date ER site in their area.