Patient Forms

Modernize the Patient Experience With Integrated Patient Forms

Patient Forms enables your practice to improve the patient experience. Patients can conveniently fill out the patient forms online before their appointment.

Save Time By Converting
Paper Forms to Online Forms

Reduce the time spent on data entry, printing, scanning, and shredding paper. Patient Forms enables your front desk to automate a lot of the time-consuming tasks associated with managing patient data. With Adit's seamless platform, you can quickly build out your patient forms online.

Connect Fields in Your Online Form to Fields Within Your PMS/EHR

When creating a form, you can choose which fields in the form sync with which fields in your Practice Management Software (PMS/EHR). That way, when a form is filled out and submitted, you can have those submissions directly populated in your PMS/EHR software.

Allow Patients to Fill out the Forms Anytime & Anywhere

Patients can choose to fill out forms from home on their phone, tablet, or computer. You can also allow patients to fill out the forms on a tablet in the office.

Review Submissions & Import With the Click of a Button

When a patient completes a form, it pops up in our platform for your approval. At that point, you can choose to send the form back for revisions, or you can approve it and have it imported into your PMS/EHR.

Choose To Enable eSign

You can choose to allow patients to sign the forms from their device, or you can print out the forms and have them sign on paper.

Patient Forms offers military encryption and ensures the highest level of data security. It complies with current e-signature laws: ESIGN and eIDAS.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient Forms was created and designed specifically for the healthcare industry. In fact, the entire Adit platform was built to meet the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA.

Integrate With Engage

Now, you can seamlessly share a link to your patient form via text or include it in your automated reminders!