Phil & Dereks : Wordpress Website for Jazz Bar And Restaurant

Phil & Derek’s is a laid back restaurant & wine bar that serves the most beloved soul food and southern comfort dishes. It also couples this laid-back ambiance with a cigar lounge and live entertainment.


Goal: To rebrand and re-design Phil & Derek’s website so that it is more authentic and captures the true essence of the look and atmosphere of the restaurant. Meanwhile we’re providing them with a strong online marketing campaign to gain the interest of existing customers and to bring in new and younger patrons.


Moving locations in Houston, Phil & Derek’s wanted to expand their audience and target the younger crowd around Midtown. In order to do so, they needed to update their website. As a jazz bar and restaurant, it was important to show off not only the food, but the events and calendar as well. Already having a significant presence in the Houston area, we needed to strengthen and modernize Phil & Derek’s brand, and give them a much greater presence on social media. With much more interaction we gave users a gallery of photos, the full menus + downloadable pdf versions, an entertaining blog, and an event page that shows previous to upcoming.

Phil & Dereks