Pozative is a online review management application developed by Adit to help our clients gain more positive reviews for popular platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp. The application is built to be user-friendly, with easy set-up times and a seamless dashboard designed to allow easy review management online. With the application, we hoped to help businesses better manage their reputation online, increase brand awareness, and improve local SEO efforts to rank higher on Google, all with the goal of eventually converting new customers while maintaining old customers.


Goal: To get free subscribers and depend on the app to convert free users into premium users.

Strategy: We leveraged Facebook, Search, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to target business owners who would be interested in their company’s online reputation. We built videos that showcased the product in a snapshot and encourage the user to click on our website to learn more. We wanted to push to users the competitive edge of Pozative, which was that it’s free and it’s an easy self-setup app.

Results: We just launched in the Summer of 2017. We already have 500 active users and counting! Stay tuned for the IPO!


Pozative. (How everyone actually pronounces positive!) Naming the application took longer than building it. We wanted it to be short and straightforward without having to add additional letters or words. We also wanted the name to be relevant to the online review tool. Going with an eye-catching futuristic and abstract style gave us leniency in branding and the ability to capture our audience. With so many features, we incorporated gifs, videos, and images to help with directions for the application rather than just content.


Pozative was built on a Laravel PHP framework. We built it on Laravel because we wanted a framework that could scale while also handle all of the different functionalities needed in Pozative. We also had many different add-ons planned for Pozative, which would be easy to build on Laravel. Laravel allowed us to build a functionality-heavy application that still loaded quickly. Some of the functionalities that Pozative has include:

Pulling data from Facebook, Google, and Yelp

Writing ability on Facebook, Google, and Yelp for reviews

Text message integration into the platform

Creating a robust subscription-based billing platform

Creating customizable campaigns

Building custom graphs and charts to represent data

An email follow-up system based on user engagement with the application