Preferred Urgent Care is an urgent care center in Katy, TX that offers quality, walk-in health care for patients suffering from a range of non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. The center serves as an excellent alternative to traditional emergency rooms by providing affordable, personalized care to all of their patients. They came to Adit to help them increase the number of new patients they were seeing each month through comprehensive marketing efforts.


Goal: We needed to book patients for Preferred Urgent Care as well as establish them as the house-hold brand for parents in Katy when it came to Urgent Care.

SEO: We got Preferred Urgent Care on page 1 organically on the map and the listings section. We focused heavily on business submissions, keyword relevancy, and creative blogging.

PPC: Being ranked page 1 organically allowed us to bid for premium keywords at a fraction of the cost.

Results: We’re on page 1 of Google 3 to 4 times! Preferred Urgent Care went from not having a website to booking more than 150 patients a month online!


For Preferred Urgent Care we wanted to redesign their website in a way that showed patients all their basic needs would be covered quickly. We focused on their competitive edge including that they were open 7 days a week, they started offering x-rays, and no wait time. In a family-oriented area we incorporated a kid-friendly color palette, photos the practice had taken, and icons to break up the content. Their site stands out amongst every competitor and has made their foot traffic increase immensely.

Preferred Urgent Care
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