RCI Coatings, Professional Wordpress Website Design

RCI Coatings Ltd. is a Calgary-based company that handles projects of all sizes and complexities in the Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal sectors. RCI has been serving Canadian for over 100 years of combined experience.


Goal: Our goal was to create a name for RCI by building a brand that encompassed all the services they provide. Then use this brand in the marketing campaign we would run to generate traffic to the site and ultimately lead to conversions once on the site.

Strategy: The web design was colorful and inviting with quality photos which we aimed to use to create a sense of professionalism and work references for users. We used three specific colors on the site to continue branding and made the website easy to navigate. We then create an AdWords campaign that targeted users searching for services in their niche industry. We also began to build an SEO campaign to gain rank on Google organically and enhance RCI’s ability to be found by users.

Results: RCI enjoys a 10% conversion rate and have been able to transfer leads into sales for sandblasting and interior/exterior painting jobs.


RCI Coatings wanted a cheerful website with painted elements. This color-splashed site shows an impressive portfolio, including photos on every page so potential clients can get a clear vision of the information being presented. Pulling the colors from their logo, we separated their services into three sections: Residential, Commercial, & Industrial.

RCI Coatings