Richmond Dental is located in the middle of the mountains in Vermont. Our focus was to put together a website that spoke to their demographic and brought focus to the beautiful landscapes found in Vermont. Their $65 New Patient Exam special was a great selling point that we wanted to have highlighted.


Strategy: We wanted to focus on targeting people who lived in the surrounding areas and would make the drive for a high-quality dentist. To establish the quality factor, we leveraged Pozative to build up their reviews. We also put together a gallery of photos of their practice to showcase how homey it was.

Results: They now occupy the first 5 positions on Google for their main keyword “dentist Richmond VT.” We are able to book patients by dominating the Richmond area and pulling patients from surrounding towns. Richmond Dental acquires its patients for under $100 per patient, and books more than 50 patients a month—something to be considered a feat in such a small town.

Richmond Dental
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