River Heights Eye Care | Adit

River Heights Eye Care was a new practice opening in Cochrane, AB. They needed a clean, modern website to attract the high-value optometry patients who would be drawn to their custom lenses and quality care.


Goal: As a new practice, our goal was to get them ranked for common keywords in their area as quickly as possible.

SEO: The SEO strategy on this account highlights the high-end lenses offered by the practice and the ongoing focus on eye health practiced by the doctors and staff.

Result: Within just two months, the client ranked in the top 3 positions for several competitive keywords and began booking 5-10 patients a week almost immediately.


We used a clear, straightforward layout that showcased their state-of-the-art facility and high-end products. Knowing that patients in this area are on the move, we needed to make the site completely mobile friendly.

River Heights Eye Care