A SEO Company That Drives Results

A SEO Company That Drives Results

  • We Target Keywords that Drives Sales

    We Target Keywords
    that Drives Sales

  • Fully Transparent Work that you can track

    Fully Transparent Work
    that you can track

  • Custom Tailored

    Custom-Tailored Content
    written in-house

  • Industry Changing Backlink / Strategy

    Industry Changing
    Backlink / Strategy

  • Fully Transparent Work that you can track

    A Sustainable Plan Built
    For your Business Model

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your business lacking quality leads? Do you offer a great product or service but still have trouble getting exposure online? With our search engine optimization (SEO) services, we can help build the foundation that will allow you to become an industry leader!

Understanding Search Engines

When someone online decides to search for information using a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!, the search engine puts together a ranked list of links according to their relevance to the search term, and popularity—or how frequently people visit the link.

For example: when you search for “how to maintain healthy teeth,” you’ll likely see results from WebMD or the Mayo Clinic. Why? Both organizations have content on their websites related to “maintaining healthy teeth,” making them extremely relevant to your search term. In addition, both organizations are linked to hundreds and even thousands—and possibly millions—of other sites across the web, which boosts their popularity online. (And that’s not to mention that they are recognized as the information leaders when it comes to a variety of health topics.) At Adit, we strive to make sure that your business achieves and maintains a position as an information leader in your industry so that you can stand out among the rest.

What is search engine optimization?

SEO is an area in digital marketing that focuses on increasing your business’ visibility on these search engine results by improving your website’s rankings. There are multiple technical and creative ways to impact these rankings—from building links to adding updated, relevant content on your site. However, the end goal is the same: to increase awareness about your business in search engines and users, and drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

What Makes Us Better

At Adit, we focus on both content and link-building when it comes to SEO strategies:



Before building your content, we get to know your business and research everything pertaining to your industry and your marketing goals. What is your target area? What audience are you trying to reach? Once we know the basics, we then research the keywords that will give your website the traction it needs to be at the top of search engine results. From the keywords we find, we choose those with the highest search volumes to include in your site’s content.

Next, our content team will create keyword-enriched, original web content made to attract the right audience. We write content that not only educates the user about your services but also engages them, which is important if you want them to stay on your website and eventually invest in your services or products. In addition, all of our writers are experienced with content writing and SEO, and are locally based, so the content we produce is always written with your best interests in mind.

On top of web content, we will regularly update your site with unique, informative, and engaging blogs that make your brand look credible, relevant, and establish your business as a thought leader within your industry.



Think of this as “trust-building”; Many trustworthy sites will link to other trusted sites. Consider word-of-mouth reviews; if a customer who’s left your business has good things to say about you to their friends and family, those individuals are more likely to visit you as well, because they trust their recommendation. Link-building works the same way. If other reputable sites offer links that go back to your site, then you appear more credible online.

Let’s go back to our WebMD and Mayo Clinic example. Millions of physicians across the country strive to have these thought leaders’ link back to their site due to their reputation in the industry. If at least one of these health giants links back to their website, they’re essentially letting search engines know that they’re recommended and trusted by credible authorities, and are more likely to rank higher as a result. The more links you have going back to your site, and the more popular or credible the links, the higher your ranking goes. So, if you’re a dentist, you may want to aim for the ADA website linking back to you; if you’re a realtor in the U.S., the MLS may be your goal.

So where does Adit come in? We send requests for backlinks related to your industry so that your site appears more credible to search engines. And at Adit we’re fully transparent, so you’ll always know exactly which links we’re submitting to lead back to your site, and the login credentials that allows you access to those links; this is where our reporting comes in.



As we implement SEO strategies through content and link-building, we always provide you with a comprehensive report every month that reviews the links we’ve built to your site, how your rank has fluctuated with the addition of keywords, and the amount of traffic you receive to your website from organic efforts. All of this and more is always available to you through our project management tool, so you can keep an eye on your data and the results of our marketing efforts as the month progresses.

what other physicians are saying

Dr. Sahra Kanji
Dr. Abdulla Kudrath
Dr. Farrah Sunderji
Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera
Dr  Huy Phan Nguyen

Dr. Sahra Kanji

The team at Adit has allowed my businesses to grow with bringing in more patients through SEO and SEM. I would highly recommend their services.

Dr. Abdulla Kudrath

I run a large medical facility and I’ve been very pleased with my experience working with Adit. They have done an excellent job at designing my website, managing my social media, and online advertising. They utilize advanced techniques and evolve with the market and trends.

Dr. Farrah Sunderji

Great company and great work! Would highly recommend them as they have helped our business grow. Enjoy working with all the staff and their advice on business marketing. Thank you for everything!

Dr. Rodrigo Cabrera

Adit did an excellent job re-designing and branding my clinic’s website. They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable with the process of marketing my practice online.

Dr Huy Phan Nguyen

My website is optimized for mobile which is most important to me. Their digital marketing works and has helped me grow my business.

Case Profiles

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