30 March 2015

Six Tips for Social Media Marketing

Six Tips for Social Media Marketing

A frequent question in the business of online marketing is whether or not time and money should be invested towards social media campaign efforts. The answer is yes, social media can and will help your business. With the right information and approach, social media has measurable results in marketing success. In fact, not taking advantage of the benefits of social media can actually damage the way your business is received by web-goers online, and a lack of online presence can label your place of business 'irrelevant'.

  • How success should be measured in terms of social media marketing:

    traffic, leads and customers are the metrics used to measure your online success. Keeping track of the amount of followers, likes and tags you receive on social media helps you grasp the dynamics of having an online presence and what your business can do with it.


  • Facebook marketing is your best friend:

    This social media platform is home to over a billion people around the world and is your best chance at connecting with and disseminating information to your target audience on a global scale.


  • The ROI of social media marketing:

    Although SMM is not completely free, the key to remember is nothing ever truly is. Getting out as much as you put in and then some, is the main objective with such outlets. However, you can get a different kind of exposure with new leads, subscriptions, and customers through this avenue. It all depends on your marketing strategy and presence online.


  • Outreach gets you noticed:

    Social media plays a heavy role in social outreach, however, through other methods of outreach such as blogging, you can connect with figures significant in a specific industry. Networking this way can help promote your business or product and if done right, can drastically raise conversion rates.


  • Tailor the content to your audience:

    depending on the product you’re selling or the type of people that would take an interest in your business, you must customize the message and package it in a way that would not only attract their attention, but secure them as customers and followers of your brand.


  • A little interaction goes a long way:

    there will always be flack and negative comments dished out to every business or product on or offline, the best way to combat such obstacles is through direct interaction. You are able to influence the way your brand is perceived by potential or unhappy customers and guide them to a more positive outlook.