26 December 2015

Social Marketing Ideas for 2016

Social Marketing Ideas for 2016

2016 is upon us, and with it, there are more possibilities to once again taking advantage of the social market. New businesses are beginning to circulate and trend, requiring new strategies in order to gain profit. Unless your company is modifying according to the new business climate, you cannot hope to thrive or even survive. Familiarizing yourself with the three most advantageous social marketing tactics is essential to the prosperity of your business this year.

1. Social Engagement

There is no going around it; you need to be an active internet user if you wish for your business to survive the social market. To promote your business, you need to have access to public platforms to engage in daily interactions with your customers and spread advertisements. This is typically done through blogging and social media posts through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A recent survey has discovered that 92% of consumer trust was earned from social media and recommendations, which stems to the platforms stated above. Thus, be sure to post ads there and let your customers know about new offers and products through news updates.

2. Live Streaming

With the advent popularity of the live streaming sites such as Twitch, it is understand that web users are inclined to watch live streams. Be it sports, gaming, business or personal usage, keeping a source of live streaming and recording on a regular basis is bound to keep the consumers' interest to your company. An idea to go with this could be ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos where a presentable speaker enthusiastically introduces the employees of your company, and how the business runs in the background.Also consider showcasing your products and services in an attractive way for consumers to gain interest in what your company has to offer. This will allow the interested fans to know you and your company as well, which is always a plus point.

3. Exclusive Offers

Consumers love special promotions and deals whenever they are offered, so be sure to take advantage of that. Reduce prices during special occasions, or give a certain product free with a considerable amount of purchase. This also ties into the social media interaction since the public platforms can be used to make the customers aware of these exclusive offers and act within a certain time limit. In turn, social engagement will increase and more people will be interested in staying updated with the latest news of your company’s social platform.