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Southern Charm Dental is located at the intersection of two very different demographic areas. On one side, there are new developments for half a million dollar homes and the other side has a demographic that has been there for 40 years. As a result, we had to really hone in on Dr. Patel being in the area for a good amount of time but still being young and enthusiastic about her methods and methodologies. We also wanted to make sure we ran ads to patients in the area that focused on the distinction between Southern Charm Dental and the other practices in the area, including Aspen Dental. Competing against a $29 New Patient Exam Special is tough, but with our attention to detail, Pozative’s influx of reviews, and amazing branding, we able to book patients at a high conversion rate consistently! Today, Southern Charm Dental books more than 40 new patients a month from digital!


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