Teacher's Pet: An Application for Teachers Built by Adit

Teacher’s Pet is a user-friendly application created to connect teachers and allow them to communicate, share curriculum, and plan their semester calendars.


Teacher’s Pet was designed with the intention of branding a platform that was both playful and easy to use but also professional and organized. The calendar option is one of the highlights of the application as it allows teachers to actively plan our their semesters in great detail. The communication portal also embodies the full purpose of the application as it creates a sense of community between teachers.


Teacher’s Pet was an application we built in Angularjs for Kids U. Kids U wanted to build an application that gave their teachers the ability to share, plan, and organize their curriculum. One critical need was for there to be restrictions for each teacher on what content they would access have to. For example: a left-brain teacher didn’t need to have access to right brain content. Furthermore, the application needed to allow teachers to communicate with each other through discussion boards. Also, we created a convenient calendar functionality that powered teachers to organize and plan their curriculum schedule for the entire school year! To add the final touch, we created social profiles for each teacher so that they can see and interact with other teachers in the Kids U organization.

Teacher’s Pet