6 October 2020

The Importance of Reviews and How to Generate More with Pozative

Steven Marinkovich

Steven MarinkovichSr. Sales Director

The Importance of Reviews and How to Generate More with Pozative

Many years ago, potential clients seeking to know more about a particular brand or business had to rely on personal referrals and recommendations from friends and family. In today's Internet age, personal recommendations have been replaced by online reviews. Did you know that approximately 9 out of 10 consumers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation? What's more, more than 90 percent of consumers reported that they'd avoid a business because of a negative review.

As a dentist, maintaining a positive online reputation is critical. If people are saying bad things about you online, your reputation and brand will suffer quite the hit. After all, nobody wants to visit a dentist that they cannot trust.

As far as online reviews go, one of the gravest mistakes that most dentists make is feeling content with minimal reviews. If you have fewer than 20 reviews on any given platform, then you're not impactful enough; in regards to establishing trust and credibility with online reviews, quantity matters as much as quality.

How do you ensure a delicate balance between the two?

Allow me to introduce you to Pozative—a cutting edge tool by Adit that allows you to build your online visibility and reputation through authentic, positive reviews by real patients. Pozative is one of the many dental-specific modules of technology that Adit has created to enhance the way you run your dental practice. This technology seamlessly integrates with your practice management system to automatically deliver a text message that prompts your patients to review your dental practice after each visit. This way, you can generate more positive reviews for your practice on the platforms that you're looking to get noticed on.

Why Online Reviews Matter

Online Reviews Boost Your Visibility

Online reviews start and sustain a conversation around your brand. When ranking and indexing dental practices, Google and other search engines are more likely to position you favorably if you have a high number of positive online reviews. According to Moz, one of the largest SEO databases in the world, online company reviews are estimated to make up to 10 percent of the criteria for how Google displays search results.

Reviews Build Trust and Credibility

Positive online reviews are a powerful tool when it comes to building your brand's online identity. If your current and previous patients are saying great things about you, then new and potential patients are more inclined to trust you and the services you offer.

Social Proof Drives Sales

People are more likely to visit your dental practice if other people agree that you're worth a visit. Positive online reviews ensure that your potential patients get the thumbs up or reinforcement that they need to pick the phone and book an appointment with you.

How Pozative Works

Pozative is a simple-to-use yet highly powerful tool that can help you change how patients view your practice. If you want to convert search engine users into paying patients, Pozative is the right addition for your dental practice.

When you sign up for Pozative, you get access to an application that allows you to send quick, customized texts to your patients as soon as they check out of your premises. Once you request a review, you'll be able to see if the patient has viewed your text or reviewed your practice. Adit's Pozative technology will post positive reviews to the online platforms of your choice while simultaneously collecting negative feedback that will be sent back to you privately without ever being posted online.

Pozative comes with a user-friendly dashboard that gives you quick access to all relevant stats and reports. Pozative also allows you to connect with your patients beyond reviews by enabling you to send custom messages for campaigns, promotions, and upcoming events.

With our bulk message feature, you can send multiple messages at once. You can also select to send bulk messages to a specific group of patients, e.g., new patients.

Are you an outstanding dental practice that wants to reach the right audience? If you're currently struggling with online visibility, it may be because you're not making use of positive feedback. Adit can help you go from obscure to well-known and preferred. We want the world to know about all the fantastic services that you have to offer.

This one is on the house, free of charge!

Create your complimentary Pozative account here https://adit.com/pricing

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