Toothworks Calgaryl


Goal: To funnel demand for dental clinics towards their website and booking more patients online.

Strategy: Create a high quality and high converting website, start efficient SEO and AdWords campaigns to drive traffic to their site, maintain social media platforms to boost visibility and manage the reputation of the clinic, and create a frequently posting and informative blog as a source of credibility.

Results: Went from no online presence to booking 40 + patients a month.


The tooth & gear was inspired by the name Toothworks. With the combination of their logo and colors, this Canadian clinic incorporates their theme strongly and consistently throughout the entire site. A darker tone makes them stand out from most dental clinics and the gallery of photos shows that creativity flows from site to office. With a one-of-a-kind site, Toothworks wanted to prove how much special care and detail they put into their patients. In the Calgary area? Book an appointment online today!


Toothworks needed a more convenient way to integrate their patient forms with their internal system. As a result, we built a software that allowed patients to fill out a patient form online, which would send the practice the form filled out with the patient’s information. When a patient visited the practice,Toothworks staff simply printed out the filled out form and gave it to the patient to sign!