Varallo Orthodontics


Strategy: Because the practice specializes in orthodontics, we wanted to make sure to target patients specifically looking for an orthodontist or who were interested in braces. For this reason, we chose to leverage search and discovery on Google and Facebook, respectively. First, we used Google AdWords to target patients generally interested in braces, Invisalign, or who were looking for a new orthodontist.

Since a large percentage of patients in need of orthodontics are typically children, we decided to use Facebook ads to target parents in nearby neighborhoods with kids ages 8-18. The whole campaign was built around Varallo Orthodontics’ $90/Month affordable financing.

Results: Thanks to our marketing efforts, Varallo Orthodontics has received a high ROI on advertising spend because they continue to book even more Invisalign and braces patients every month!


Varallo Orthodontics needed an updated website with more branding and focus on their 2 locations. We used a specific color palette pulled from the inside of their offices and created a directional movement with the sections on the website that also reflected their logo. It was fun creating a site that both children and adults enjoy!