Village ER

Memorial Village ER is a freestanding, state-of-the-art, 24-hour emergency care center in Houston, TX. They provide a diverse range of immediate healthcare services, from pediatric emergency care to lab & imaging services.


When someone needs medical attention quickly, they now have the option of more than just a hospital. This allows stand-alone ER clinics like Memorial Village ER to enter the marketing scene. Here’s what we did:

PPC: We first targeted all local searches in relation to Memorial City, emergency rooms (ERs), hospitals, etc. Our objective was to first learn what patients in the area are searching when they look for an ER. We tracked who would actually convert by looking at how many of these people checked in on the website, called, and/or checked out the location.

SEO: Once we learned which keywords were converting best, we started an SEO campaign to rank Memorial Village ER on these keywords.

Results: Memorial Village ER books more than 30 patients from our online efforts! We scaled their budget from $250 a day to $5000 per day!


Memorial Village wanted their website to go from 90s to New Age, beginning with their logo. They wanted to appeal to families and wanted to incorporate their initials MV. The most important thing about their website is not only advertising the videos, but making it as simple as possible to navigate the site.

Village ER