3 December 2016

2016 Web Design Trends

2016 Web Design Trends

Soon enough, the year will be coming to an end, and we’ll be welcoming the new web design trends of 2017. But before we leave this year behind, let’s take a look at some of the more popular web design trends in 2016:


  • Minimalism – Designers have started taking advantage of negativeand white space throughout a website, while minimizing the use of multiple colors. By utilizing a single, bold color, a website can easily have a greater focus on its content, while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

  • Flat and Material Design – There has been a shift in how designers approach the old flat design on websites. Now, designers are integrating light and shadows into the former design to give it more depth.


  • Vibrant – Vibrant colors have started to take a higher step above their usage in previous years because of their ability to draw the eye’s attention and be visually stimulating. Expect to find a lot of bright, vivid colors throughout different websites.

  • Duotones – Instead of a full color scheme, duotones, or the choice of two individual colors have dominated sites this year. These two colors could be two different shades of a single color or two contrasting shades entirely.

  • Subtle Gradients – Single-toned gradients have become the new norm; instead of shifting into a secondary color, gradients are now staying within the shades and tones of a single, primary color. Other, subtler, gradients with two colors are becoming more gradual when it comes to their fade.


  • Hero and HD Images – People are visual by nature. A large and striking image immediately draws a user’s eyes when visiting your website. In addition, with improvements in technology, it no longer takes minutes to load a large image on a website thanks to data compression.


  • More minimal layouts on websites have allowed for a greater use of bold and dramatic typefaces to contrast. You will find a lot of designers have started to skew towards artistic and more calligraphic type fonts for websites due to their personable nature.