29 August 2018

4 Holiday Marketing Prep: 4 Tips for Email And Social Media

4 Holiday Marketing Prep: 4 Tips for Email And Social Media

One thing all small businesses know or should be aware of is the amount of competition that opens up during the holiday season. Bigger corporations feel comfortable with unleashing a broad spectrum of different marketing tactics such as commercials, billboards, newspaper flyers, magazines, and more.

However with a small business, success around the holidays means starting a bit earlier, and thanks to the power of social media and email marketing, this task can be a lot less daunting than you think. The following list is comprised of four tips for email and social media that can really generate the business you need to keep moving forward into the new year.

Develop a schedule to help build holiday momentum

Momentum is crucial in determining whether or not this year's holiday season is one worth celebrating. The best way to start gaining this momentum is by creating a schedule that maps out the weeks and months leading up to the highly profitable season. Specific goals for certain days and specific holidays based on your business and customer base are all things that need to be included when generating this schedule.

Pay attention to what your fans, followers, and readers really want this year

Making sure your business is part of your customers holiday plans, you're going to need content that they actually care about and want. This point is important all throughout the year but especially during the holidays when your customers are bombarded with additional content from other businesses. One way to get around this is by using a survey to collect customer feedback well before the holiday season and using that feedback to improve the content you sent out.

Be a resource, not just a sales pitch

It's important to remember that the holiday season can be a source of great stress for your customers. Don't add to that stress with overwhelming sales content. Instead of just handing over a sales pitch, be a resource. Resources as simple as advice for preparing their shopping list, or even tips for throwing a dinner party, it all counts and will be seen as a great help.

We at Adit strive to be an additional help to our smaller business customers and are always looking for ways that we can make your job easier. Let us help you with email and social media management this holiday season! Send us an email to get started.