20 January 2016

40 tips for Dramatically Better Emails

40 tips for Dramatically Better Emails

The Best Email MarketingPractices – part 1

If you are sending an email to a VIP then you obviously know their inbox is brimming with emails just like yours. So how do you get them to actually read your email rather than having it end up in the trash? These 40 simple email marketing tips will solve that problem:

1. Welcome to the VIP Club:

Among the many email marketing best practices, one of the most important one is to make your readers feel like they are special. For instance, give them special access to your product before everyone else, like Apple does with iPhone users.

2. Show a little love:

You cannot come off as inconsiderate or desperate for attention. 'Last chance' or 'trial has expired' are statements that discourage people. Instead, try saying 'Need more time?' or 'Free giveaway'.

3. Constructive Criticism:

Customer feedback will always help you to make a better product and stay a step ahead of competition. So ask for feedback once in a while.

4. Testimonials:

Customers trust other customers; in other words, they trust proof of satisfaction! Engage people in social media and show off your satisfaction ratings!

5. Become personal:

Talk about your obstacles and failures because that makes you human! Relate to their pain and then drop your product as a solution.

6. Chat away:

Ask a question, ask to follow you on twitter, encourage them to download your app, etc. Start conversations to create engagement, and eventually, habits.

7. Downloadable content:

Give them something in return for reading your emails. For instance, Stock Photo sends users free HD pictures that they can utilize as they please.

8. Give instructions:

This is one of the strongest email marketing tips. After they upgrade, for instance, tell them what to do next clearly and create a calendar/event to reinforce the habit.

9. Keep engaging:

Blog sites like Quora send users weekly digest of their most popular posts. People are engaged because they're delighted to learn something new everyday!

10. 'Tag-line':

Another one of the many email marketing best practice is to keep the subject consistent. In this way they'll be able to find your email in their haystack of emails!

11. Provide referral codes:

Give users discounts or offers for referring your services to their friends and family members. This is one of the most effective ideas for email marketing campaigns.

12. Interactive buttons:

Nobody wants to read long emails. Simply state what you want them to do and add a clear, attractive button to call for action!

13. Show overwhelming value:

Your product might not be mainstream, but that’s okay. Provide important dates, events, and information for your niche so they understand your overwhelming value.

14. Keep reminding:

Don't expect users to remember the purpose of your service. Remind them what your service does for them and you'll get clicks every time!

15. Use your connections:

If your business is partnered with a name brand then don't overlook its power! It makes both you and your partner’s brand much more popular!

16. Make customers happy:

Services that promise people certain discounts or rewards for their loyalty can hype up their email then send the gift to customers and keep customers happy!

17. Use trends:

Want to create successful email marketing campaigns? Then stay active on social media and jump on the hype train! Limited time offers created by name brands can be featured in your email and you get the attention as well!

18. Thank them:

Don't forget to say thanks to your customers for your achievements and send them gifts. It makes them happy and makes a good impression on them.

19. Give announcements:

Amp up your regular upgrades and make customers feel the hype of the brand new version of your app/service. Remind them that they are part of the VIP club!

20. Make it fun:

Video games are addictive, right? Well 'Gamify' your process, for instance, by giving points for achievements and rewards for leveling up! It will be extremely addicting!