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  • 14 2018 Mar

    Why Are Businesses Afraid of SEO?

    When it comes to online SEO (Search Engine Optimization), many business owners are skeptical and afraid. Whether they are a new business or a business that has been scorned by a previous SEO company, there are quite a few reasons why people are af...

  • 22 2018 Feb

    Should You Upgrade Your E-Commerce Site to Magento 2?

    Even though Magento 2 has been available since 2015, a large portion of e-commerce business owners is still using Magento 1.x versions. Are you contemplating upgrading your Magento version to Magento 2?

    If you are running Magento 1.x smo...

  • 29 2018 Jan

    5 Web Design Tips for New Businesses

    Are you launching a start-up business? Thinking about creating a new business website? Before you start, here are some helpful web design tips to keep in mind:

    Responsive design and adaptive content are an...

  • 15 2018 Jan

    Generating Links: Driving Traffic, Not Just Rankings

    For many, link building is seen as a way to increase rankings on search engines; however, at Adit, we understand that when link building is done correctly, it should also be driving more traffic to your site as well! Along with an increase in lead...

  • 27 2017 Dec

    Creating a Social Media Strategy for 2018

    Did you know that a large number of consumers turn to social media for purchasing decisions? With 65% of American adults using social media, it is an essential part of any business in 2018. Whether you hire an employee to handle your social media ...

  • Why Quality Beats Quantity In Content Marketing
    02 2017 Dec

    Why Quality Beats Quantity in Content Marketing

    For many years, you could slap some text on a page, optimize the meta tags, and you were sure to get some rankings. Fortunately for consumers and users of the internet, this practice has been squashed by Google and other search engines over the ye...

  • Why-Should-You-Hire-an-SEO-Company
    21 2017 Nov

    Why Should You Hire an SEO Company?

    Having a hard time finding customers online? Are you interested in ranking better on search engines? Your business may benefit from search engine optimization. Many business owners try to juggle both running a business and doing digital marketing ...

  • Online Reputation Management Tips for Local Businesses
    14 2017 Nov

    Online Reputation Management Tips for Local Businesses

    When it comes to online business, reputation has become a vital part of obtaining new customers. Did you know most online shoppers check reviews before converting? What do your reviews say about your business? If you aren’t sure of what is being...

  • 18 2017 Oct

    Why Do You Need a Google Business Page?

    Did you know that approximately 70% of online searches are conducted via Google? About 1/5 of those searches is for a business or place. Google My Business allows your business to be found when a potential customer performs a search for your produ...

  • 12 2017 Oct

    Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

    In terms of top digital marketing trends, 2017 saw a few consistent strategies that dominated the field. If you’re looking to boost your business’s marketing game, here are a few online marketing trends 2017 proved to be effective.

  • 25 2017 Sep

    Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

    The web design industry is extremely dynamic and is in constant evolution. As an industry that was born from innovation and creativity, each year brings in new trends that change web design for the better. In 2017 we’ve seen the Hero Theme, larg...

  • Why is it Important to Manage Your Reputation Online?
    12 2017 Sep

    Why is it Important to Manage Your Reputation Online?

    Digital reputation management is vital to a business’s success in the 21st century, but it’s something that so many businesses struggle to understand or simply ignore. With all of the online reputation management (ORM) services on the market, ...

  • Best Digital Marketing Practices for Day Cares and Schools
    24 2017 Aug

    Best Digital Marketing Practices for Day Cares and Schools

    In this day and age, everyone is using the internet to shop for products and services, and our schools are no different. Parents have flocked to the internet to find reviews and information about the potential schools for their children. So how ex...

  • 08 2017 Aug

    What Can a Good SEO Strategy Do for You?

    Most business owners have heard of Search Engine Optimization or “SEO,” but what exactly is SEO and how can a good SEO strategy benefit your business?

    Every major search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) has primary “organic” search re...

  • 25 2017 Jul

    Adit’s Patient Booking Guarantee (PBG)

    If you don’t confirm new patients every month, we will work for free. That is the Adit Patient Booking Guarantee, and we stand by our marketing strategy.

    There is no obligation t...

  • 27 2017 Jun

    5 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Important for Your Business

    In today’s technology driven society, a company’s online presence is more important than ever. But how do you make your business stand out from the rest? Online reviews can have a big impact on whether a potential customer chooses your busines...

  • 05 2017 Jun

    Understanding Mobile Marketing for Your Business

    As smartphone use becomes more and more widespread, businesses need to consider optimizing their marketing campaigns for the mobile world. Mobile marketing is the act of marketing towards a mobile audience, or to people who will be viewing your ca...

  • 29 2017 May

    Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

    It is evident that the world of technology, social media, and digital marketing is impacting our behavior socially such as how we behave as a consumer or how we do business. It would be fair to say that any business that doesn’t realize the impo...

  • 04 2017 May

    8 Signs of a Good Website Design & Development Firm

    With the burgeoning of web design and development companies, it is difficult to discern which is the right one for you. To help narrow down the search, here are a few things to consider, to help you find the best Houston web developer and web desi...

  • 21 2017 Apr

    Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

    Digital marketing strategy covers a wide range of tactics including social media, website design, email pitches, SEO, online advertising and more. These terms can be very confusing to a small business owner who just wants to attract new leads to ...

  • 12 2017 Apr

    Get Positive Reviews with Pozative!

    We all want customers to choose us over our competitor and then satisfy the customer with the best service possible. But after that, do we usually ask our customers about their experiences and what would they like to see next time they come? Have ...

  • 05 2017 Apr

    Important Facts About Social Media

    There are more than 3.17 billion users on the digital platform today; out of which approximately 2.3 billion are active social media users, which is more than 75% of the base. That’s a vast field to ignore while planning your digital and SEO cam...

  • 12 2017 Mar

    3 Myths About Digital Marketing Explained

    Once in a while, we come across businesses that have misconceptions about online marketing and how it can help (or harm) their business. Unfortunately, because of these misconceptions, these businesses either miss out on a good digital marketing p...

  • 08 2017 Feb

    Understanding PPC Marketing for Your Business

    PPC—or pay-per-click—marketing, also known as “paid search” marketing, has become a useful way to direct internet users to your business’ website. This is especially useful because with PPC marketing you have the ability to choose which ...

  • 07 2017 Feb

    Signs of a Good SEO Company

    With the digital platform growing magnanimously, more and more businesses are ready to improve their digital presence. Today, one spends more time on any screen more than with their respective families. This shows how much a person is trapped, inf...

  • 16 2017 Jan

    5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Web Design Company

    A company’s website is probably one of the most important tools it can have; it’s a gateway that allows the business to connect with their target market and audience in just a matter of clicks. However, buying and managing a website can easily...

  • Boosting Your Reputation with ORM
    01 2017 Jan

    Boosting Your Reputation with ORM

    We’ve all heard the phrase,“new year, fresh start” when it comes to the New Year. This couldn’t be truer for businesses. The New Year and a new quarter are actually one of the best times for your business to boost its reputation online, an...

  • Advantages of Using anSEO Company for Your Business
    05 2016 Dec

    Advantages of Using an SEO Company for Your Business

    More than ever before, online visibility has become integral to a business’ success. Millions of people around the world use the internet and peruse online for hundreds and thousands of reasons. It’s important that companies take advantage of ...

  • 2016 web design trends
    03 2016 Dec

    2016 Web Design Trends

    Soon enough, the year will be coming to an end, and we’ll be welcoming the new web design trends of 2017. But before we leave this year behind, let’s take a look at some of the more popular web design trends in 2016:


  • 18 2016 Nov

    Social Marketing: Methods to Bring in Customers

    No business can exist without customers. It is a constant challenge for companies to touch upon new methods to drive traffic to their websites or campaigns they are running via social media.With the evolution of modern technology and business plat...

  • Mobile Marketing
    15 2016 Nov

    Mobile Marketing: The Best Way to Reach Your Targeted Audience

    Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, and mobile devices such as smart phones have become an easy way for marketers to reach their intended audience directly and more personally than ever before. Here are some reasons why mobile marketing can work f...

  • social media and customer service
    10 2016 Oct

    Social Media and Customer Service

    When most marketers think of social media, one of the most common advantages they think of that can help their business is the attraction of customers and sales leads. However, that’s not the only benefit that social media provides businesses an...

  • social media marketing and business
    10 2016 Oct

    Social Media Marketing and Business

    As we travel further into the digital age, marketing efforts become more reliant online than off. That’s not to say that traditional marketing no longer works; rather, online marketing has grown to become an important asset to a business’s suc...

  • Effective Internet Marketing For Dentists
    30 2016 Sep

    PPC Campaigns: Effective Internet Marketing for Dentists

    Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an effective marketing tool that works well for businesses, in many industries. However, some wonder if PPC ads are a good internet strategy for dental practices. Without reservation, the answer is yes.

  • 14 2016 Sep

    The Importance of Communication in SEO Agencies

    When businesses reach out to SEO firms for marketing assistance they tend to expect them to perform miracles. If an SEO agency appears to employ a team of superior level tech-savvy individuals, they will stand out high above the competition. It se...

  • 01 2016 Sep

    Google’s New Guidelines for Local Business Listing

    Google’s guidelines for Schema have been updated in regards to the way companies are allowed to markup their local business reviews.

    Besides including additional new rules, Google has b...

  • 08 2016 Aug

    Effective E-commerce without the Landing Page

    Have you taken the time to explore Google shopping? There are a lot of sponsored posts and it doesn’t yet compare to top e-commerce companies like eBay or Amazon, yet it is still a platform worth reviewing.

    How to improve e-commerce co...

  • 25 2016 Jul

    How to Find the Best Houston SEO Experts

    It is impossible to plan your advertising wisely if you don’t first understand the ins and outs of SEO marketing.  There are a vast number of Houston marketing organizations who haven’t a clue as to what they are doing wrong. Businesses are g...

  • 06 2016 Jul

    Locate the Best Free Image Sources for Social Media and Blogs

    The most successful form of marketing communication is visual content advertising. Savvy marketers who know how to embrace visual contentreap the most rewards. These benefits come in terms of higher returns resulting from an increase in leads, fol...

  • 21 2016 Jun

    Up Your Email Marketing Game in 2017

    Everyone needs inspiration for fresh ideas to improve content from time to time. This applies to seasoned marketers having to adapt to ever-changing technology and newcomers finding their way. There is a constant need to explore and experiment. It...