7 October 2020

How Texting Is Changing Business

Phillip Spain

Phillip SpainSales Director

How Texting Is Changing Business

In the past, businesses seeking to reach out to current and potential clients had to rely on traditional marketing means such as flyers, brochures, and mainstream media. With the advent of the Internet, other forms of communication, such as email marketing and social media, came up. Thanks to the increased uptake of smartphones, texting has emerged as yet another powerful communication channel. As a practice owner looking to gain traction and attract paying patients, texting should be on your communication channels list.

Did you know that text messages or texting is the most commonly used smartphone feature? Numerous reputable studies have shown that texting is the most preferred form of communication among Americans younger than 50. Statistic Brain reports that 301,312 texts are sent every second in the United States. In addition, the Pew Research Center revealed that 97 percent of smartphone owners text regularly. These staggering numbers point to the extensive possibilities and opportunities that become available to any business or practice that adopts business texting as a communication mode.

How to Leverage Texting for Your Practice

As marketing transitions into the digital age, communication with patients has transitioned from fax and calls to emails and texts. As this becomes more apparent, having the right systems in place can open up your business to unlimited growth potential. As far as dental offices and other healthcare providers, texting can help you maintain the all-important rapport and open communication lines between you and your patients. After all, you want to be in touch with your patients when they need you and send necessary information in a timely fashion without worrying about being lost in the spam folder.

Communication in a medical practice can be grouped into three broad categories:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Patient recall

As a dental or medical practice owner, you already know that your marketing messages are only useful if they reach the intended audience. Research shows that email open rates are at an unimpressive low of 20%, while SMS open rates are as high as 98%. What’s more, most people respond to a text message within 90 seconds while email responses take as long as 90 minutes.

While emails remain a hugely popular channel to reach your patients, it’s clear that text messages are more effective in terms of bypassing the noise and delivering your message directly to your audience.

What Adit Can Do For You

With an effective communication system in place, you can focus on what matters—serving your patients and growing your practice. At Adit, we have carefully designed numerous products that will help you modernize your office and reach your patients effectively. We provide innovative, custom solutions for every challenge that your practice may be facing.

Engage is Adit’s innovative patient texting platform for the modern-day practice that is keen on engaging its patients effectively and effortlessly. Engage meets your practice’s communication needs by connecting you to your patients in real-time.

Engage is HIPAA compliant and allows two-way texting. This way, your patients can easily reach you and respond to your messages. If you always spend a significant amount of time making follow-up phone calls, Adit’s Engage can ease this workload, allowing you to focus more on care-related matters.

If you’ve been struggling to engage your patients, Adit can help you overcome this hurdle. With Engage, you get to reach your patients through a channel that is both comfortable and convenient for them. From millennials to older patients, Engage gives you the right platform to attract and keep your patients’ attention. Better engagement translates into enhanced customer experience and increased patient retention. These directly correlate to your practice’s growth, and with a bigger and better practice, you have more opportunities to serve more people while meeting their needs efficiently.

Are you struggling to keep your patients engaged? Are your emails and phone calls to your patients going unanswered? Would you like to change how you communicate with your patients? If you answered yes, Adit is the ally you need to achieve transformation for your practice.

At Adit, we offer a complementary solution to your modern-day needs. Sign up for Engage—our free patient communication application—and start growing your practice.

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