8 November 2018

7 Dental Practice Internet Marketing Strategies to Double Traffic

7 Dental Practice Internet Marketing Strategies to Double Traffic

So, you’ve finally launched your dental practice website? Having a hard time getting traffic to your website? In 2018, it is more important than ever to properly implement digital marketing strategies if you want to compete with the other dental practices in your area. At Adit, a local digital marketing agency for dentists we specialize in all things digital marketing and want to share some tips for local dental practices so that they can improve their online presence and double their dental website traffic. Here are 7 dental internet marketing strategies that your practice should be used to increase the traffic on your website:

Provide Infographics

When it comes to educating and informing patients, nothing works better than beautiful infographics. With infographics, your dental practice can provide maximum information in the smallest possible package. In the dental industry, there are plenty of interesting facts and statistics that people love to learn about which can be easily turned into an infographic. Infographics can be an excellent way to generate traffic on your site.

Create Videos

In 2018, videos are becoming more popular than ever! More and more consumers are interested in learning about products, services, and businesses through video, which can easily present information to potential patients. We recommend creating videos that educate patients about proper dental care, dental treatment options you offer and even a virtual tour of your office.

Start Guest Blogging

Highlight Your Brand's Identity

Is it better to lease a website or own one? Some dentists' rent' their sites from developers and may lose ownership of them if they take control of the site themselves or find a new developer. Don't make this mistake and hold onto your rights. To best protect the health and longevity of your dentist website, you should protect your ownership of it.

So, you are already blogging on your dental practice website, why on Earth would you also spend time writing blogs for another website? Guest posting can be an excellent way to reach a broader audience on another website, create links to your dental practice website and more you more relevant on search engines. When it comes to selecting a website to guest blog on, we recommend making sure it is a quality website that does not allow or promote spam. In the past, Google and other search engines have penalized these types of websites.

Optimize Your Website

Highlight Your Brand's Identity

Now you’ve got your website online finally, but how exactly are people supposed to find it? When it comes to showing up on search engines, optimizing is extremely important. Making sure that you look at things such as the title, meta, and header tags and include keywords can be highly important for being relevant in Google and other search engines eyes. Along with these tags, it is important to create content which is optimized for the keywords your potential patients are searching for along with any geographic locations you are interested in targeting. Images are another great way to optimize your website, we recommend including important keywords along with your geographic information.

Google My Business Optimization

Highlight Your Brand's Identity

Is it possible for your potential patients to find you through local searches? When it comes to showing up on Google search, it is important to make sure you have claimed and verified your Google My Business listing. Once you have claimed your dental practice listing on Google My Business, we also recommend optimizing your listing. Make sure that any contact information is correct, including your address, phone number, website, and even appointment URL. We recommend including a minimum of 5 optimized images (which include keywords + geographic location). Make sure you also monitor and respond to any reviews your previous patients have left you. Publishing content from your website to your Google My Business Listing can also be beneficial.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Highlight Your Brand's Identity

Want to make sure you show up when potential patients type in a specific keyword or phrase? Pay Per Click advertising, such as Google AdWords can be an excellent way to do just that. With Pay Per Click advertising, you only pay if a potential patient clicks your advertisement. Retargeting is also an extremely useful tool which allows your dental practice to target potential patients that have previously visited your website for a lot cheaper.

Be Active on Social Media

Highlight Your Brand's Identity

Do you know what your patients are saying about you on Facebook or the other social media networks? Being active on social media is essential in 2018. The regular activity allows you to keep your current patients up-to-date while also reaching a broader audience that may be interested in your services.

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